After months struggling in my job search, I decided to go look out for coaching services. I managed to narrow down my search and luckily I found Mrs Anne Forster. She promptly arranged a telephone call and gave valuable input about my job search. I also sent my CV, and she carefully studied it, pointing out some inconsistencies that the HR would see as well. She helped me to explain my story better through my CV and not only that, after a quick meeting she even brainstormed some potential new employers and the job market that would fit my experience. Anne, Thank you very much for this!
- Marcos, Compliance Professional/ Lawyer
I was working in Zurich for three years when I was informed that I had to find another job. There I was, I had over 10 years' of international work experience (never as an 'expat') and had moved with my family to ZH because of my work. Now I had to find other work. 
I needed support as I had no experience in job hunting in Switzerland. Anne Forster was the right person to coach me in the job searching process. She had a structured approach in helping me to get focused in my search for a new challenge. Not knowing the Swiss job market and its customs, she also helped met set-up my CV and application letter template. Furthermore, I got some useful hands-on tips on networking. 
Although my sector was relatively unknown to Anne she got herself acquainted with the players and could provide me with some useful Swiss-specific ideas for possible employers. 
Overall, it was a positive experience and my sessions with Anne made me feel self-confident and optimistic about my chances in Switzerland. 
PS I did find another job quite quickly and am happy with it!
- Annelies, Sustainability Professional

I contacted Anne for a general consulting about my development. I found a professional interface, who supported me to define the new targets and activities for my professional and personal development. She helped me also to see different solutions and approaches, and we identified areas where I should work more for my personal improvement. One of the most precious advice was also when we detected the wrong paths, helping me to save time and money, and focusing my attention to the more important/promising solutions.

- Cristian, Technical Engineer