Performance Coaching

How do I motivate myself even in challenging phases? What can help me with decisions on my career path?

As part of performance coaching you work out a personal strategy that supports the provision of services in your profession. The aim of the coaching sessions is to establish independently your motivation for upcoming tasks or situations and gain more enjoyment from your performance and work situations.

To get started, we work with the Personality System Interaction (PSI) -based skills analysis, which lets you ascertain your personal strengths and to find effective strategies to better utilize your own potential and to gain better self-management skills.

How can I concentrate on my MBA degree or my Master's Thesis?

Educational counseling helps you find a personal strategy for dealing with the double burden of work and training.

Challenges to master in training? Optimize learning?

Educational counseling assists reflection on your learning process and development of personal, goal-oriented solutions.

You will receive tips and hints for successful learning.