Counseling & Coaching Package

The Complete Career Counseling Package

provides support to graduates and young professionals, which is focussed on strategy and adapted to individual needs, throughout the job application and job search process. In the course of four to six 90-minute sessions we will:

  • Assess personal values and skills to identify a desirable career path.
  • Evaluate suitable career opportunities.
  • Create a professional CV (develop an eye-catching CV and cover letter).
  • Create a personal marketing campaign.
  • Build skills in spoken and written communication.
  • Practice conversation in interviews (with optional video recording).
  • Produce effective cover letters and other business communications.
  • Learn how to build an extensive network of contacts and use this for your job search.
  • Create a professional online presence using social media channels like Xing and LinkedIn.
  • Learn how to conduct effective informational interviews and business analyses.
  • Discuss decision-making and negotiating job offers.

This package also includes development of an action plan based on your personal career objectives, including a schedule for your job search. Training in interview skills is also a large part of this package. Video recording of training sessions is available upon request.

The Online Coaching Package

is a monthly service for graduates, young professionals and executives who are actively looking for a job and want to increase their chances for a successful application process. In a weekly/biweekly phone call or Skype session the progress of your previously defined personal plan is discussed. Reviews of your CV and communication materials such as cover letters and thank you letters are also included. Additional support by email or phone is possible by agreement, if there are important events to discuss outside of previously confirmed telephone conversations. In weekly/bi-weekly phone calls or Skype sessions we will discuss specific critical issues related to your job search, such as:

  • Narrowing and focussing the desired job opportunities.
  • Developing a personal marketing campaign.
  • Communication skills for telephone interviewing.
  • Strategic networking with personal and other contacts.
  • Building a professional online presence and use of social media channels like Xing and Linkedin.
  • Conducting effective informational interviews and company analyses.
  • Identifying opportunities to expand your network for the job search.
  • Evaluation of training and further education.